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Yoga for everyone!

hours: 7.30 pm – 8.30 pm
instructor: Monika Maciejewska
room: Czarny łabędź, 316, III piętro
fee: 80 zł/month, trial classes: 30 zł

Hatha yoga is a compilation of poses aiming at balancing your body and soul. Poses, called asanas, are executed slowly and with precision, training not only our muscles but also our mind and breathing. By devoting the whole hour to ourselves, we reconnect with our bodies and treat it with the best therapy session there is. Take the opportunity to massage your inner organs through twists, challenge yourself with asanas, and relax at the end of the class. We invite you to join us for a dose of good energy among those, who wish to dive deeper into their inner selves.
We invite kids and adults to join us on a yoga mat!