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Zumba® & Zumba Toning

instructor: Anna Sadowska
fee: PLN 90/ month 1 x week, PLN 160/ month – 2 x week.,
room: Dancing in the Dark, 307 a/b, 3rd floor (Mon.Thu.)

ZUMBA® – dance classes for adults. The Zumba® program is a dance and fitness class inspired by Latin American culture, based on Latin and international music and dance moves. Zumba® Dance Classes – combine fast and slow rhythms to help firm the body and shape the figure. The aerobic/ performance approach is used to achieve a unique balance between cardiac benefits and muscle strengthening.
Zumba® combines a high dose of energy and motivating music with unique movements and choreographies that allow participants to relax. Zumba® is an easy and effective training that will put you in a good mood. Therefore the participants of Zumba® dance classes stick to the exercise program and enjoy long-term health benefits. The Zumba® program is innovative, transforming fitness classes into an interesting and stimulating activity. Thanks to great fun during the classes, participants naturally increase the intensity of their movements.