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Zumba® and Zumba Toning

20.00-21.00 – ZUMBA TONING
instructor: Anna Sadowska
fee: PLN 90/ month 1 x week, PLN 160/ month – 2 x week., PLN 200/ month – 3 x week
room: Dancing in the Dark, 307 a/b, 3rd floor (Mon.), Black Swan, 316, 3rd floor (Fri.) , Out of Breath, 315 a/b, 3rd floor (Thu.)

ZUMBA® – dance classes for adults. The Zumba® program is a dance and fitness class inspired by Latin American culture, based on Latin and international music and dance moves. Zumba® Dance Classes – combine fast and slow rhythms to help firm the body and shape the figure. The aerobic/ performance approach is used to achieve a unique balance between cardiac benefits and muscle strengthening.
Zumba® combines a high dose of energy and motivating music with unique movements and choreographies that allow participants to relax. Zumba® is an easy and effective training that will put you in a good mood. Therefore the participants of Zumba® dance classes stick to the exercise program and enjoy long-term health benefits. The Zumba® program is innovative, transforming fitness classes into an interesting and stimulating activity. Thanks to great fun during the classes, participants naturally increase the intensity of their movements.

Zumba Toning is designed not only to burn calories, but also to increase muscle strength and firm the figure. During the training, light weights are used, i.e. toning sticks (0.7kg and 1.2kg), which sound like Latino maracas. This makes Zumba Toning an effective, but also pleasant way to lose weight and shape your figure.
Zumba Toning is a variation of the popular zumba, i.e. fitness exercises performed to the rhythm of Latino music. The term: “toning” means firming up, strengthening the body muscles. While the regular zumba focuses mainly on cardio exercises, the Zumba Toning places more emphasis on silhouette sculpting. The combination of strength training and dancing gives better weight loss results, while improving motor coordination and strengthening your condition.
An important difference between Zumba Toning and a regular zumba is the training pace. Exercises in Zumba Toning are performed more slowly, which allows for more precise movements. The tracks are calmer, but they retain their hot, Latin character, are great motivators for effort and put you into good mood.
Regular Zumba Toning workouts will give you the following effects: increasing your weight loss – with Zumba Toning you burn fat faster and more effectively than with strength training only.
Sculpted silhouette without excessive muscle development – you don’t have to worry about getting too athletic as a result of Zumba Toning training. Your body will become slimmer, stronger and firmer, while retaining its feminine shape.
Improved circulation, better heart rate and oxygenation; Increased motor coordination, fitness and agility.