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Zielono mi

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room: Broadway

It is a dance and ecological performance directed and choreographed by Agnieszka Penczonek
Realization: Ognisko Pracy Pozaszkolnej  “70” in Warsaw

Can children and young people have their own opinion when it comes to caring for the environment? YES!
They have exactly accurate insights, and they want to talk about it. We established a dialogue, which became an impulse to create an artistic and ecological project “Zielono mi” (“Zielono mi”).
We pay attention to the problem of waste overproduction and its consequences for our planet. Without caring for nature, we will get lost in the plastic world.

Scenography: Aleksandra Zawodzińska; Dancers with Parents
Video: Justyna Dobosz
Photography: Kamil Mąkosza

1.Natalia Ceglińska
2.Barbara Chojnacka
3.Marta Miazio
4.Bartoszewicz Maja
5.Katarzyna Fota
6.Zuzanna Jaroszek
7.Maria Zięcina
8.Zuzanna Błaszczyk
9.Amelia Figlarowicz
10.Antonina Mroczkiewicz
11.Patrycja Łytkowska
12.Hanna Nowacka
13.Natalia Degis
14.Kamila Kozłowska
15.Dominika Dymińczuk
16.Olga Dej
17.Matylda Figurska