Zdzisław Karol Dałek

Judo coach – 5th dan, graduate of the Physical Education Academy in Wrocław, self-defence and intervention techniques instructor.
Competitive and coaching experience in judo:
1973-1983 judo competitor in WKS Orzeł WAM in Łódź
1983-1990 judo coach in KS Resursa in Łódź and head coach in the Central Macroregion (juniors)
1990-1994 president of the Regional Judo Association in Łódź
1994-2000 secretary general of the Polish Judo Association in Warsaw
2000-2010 instructor of self-defence and intervention techniques in the Post-Secondary School for Detectives and Security Guards “O’Chikara” in Warsaw
Since 2011, the leader of judo section in KS Gwardia in Warsaw