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Yoga for children

instructor: Karolina Szaturska
fee: PLN 115/ month, trial class: PLN 35
room: Happy feet, 305, 3rd floor

Ladies and Gentlemen,
We would like to inform you that classes have been suspended.

Have you ever seen a pose of a Crocodile? And what would a Crane or a hare look like if they practised yoga? Do you know what happened to a certain Dog-with-the-Head-Down when he went on a trip? to the beach to surf with his friends the Wheel and the Cow?
Yoga for children is a movement activity based on yoga exercises, thanks to which the children evenly develop the strength of their muscles, strengthen their spine to build good body posture and learn simple relaxation techniques. The children learn that their needs are unique and very important, and that we can take care of them wisely together in class in order to develop in a healthy and cheerful way. All this useful content is conveyed in the form of funny movement stories, which the instructor tells along with introducing children to the exercises and teaching them different poses. This is an additional benefit of the classes, because children do not only strengthen their bodies, but also their imagination!