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instructor: Karolina Szaturska
fee: PLN 140/ month, trial class: PLN 40
room: Happy, 305, 3rd floor

Please come to classes with your mat.
Due to restrictions in the Covid-19 pandemic, we will not be able to provide you with mats.

During the yoga class you will calm your mind, evenly strengthen the muscles of the whole body and improve its flexibility. You will also take care of your spine and practice according to your needs.
During each yoga session we will take care of both physical effort and relaxation. There will be exercises in the vinyasa yoga stream, e.g. Sun Salutation, as well as longer moments spent in one pose. During the class you will learn how to better respond to your own needs on a given day so that the class offers you the greatest possible value. You will also practice your balance: of the body when you are standing on one leg in the pose of a Tree, and of the mind when you decide what is best for you on a given day: more physical effort, or gentleness and relaxation. Listening to your breath will help you relax and unwind after the day.
You don’t need any experience with yoga to come to these classes – get dressed comfortably, have a light meal at least an hour before the class and get ready for a relaxing time for yourself and your body.