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instructor: Amanda Nabiałczyk
fee: PLN 120/ month, trial class: PLN 30
room: Black Swan, 316, 3rd floor

Dance from the days of the cavemen, endowed with modern brains! It’s not just learning the steps! During the classes, through specially selected music, specific movement tasks and exercises in pairs, we will learn dance improvisation, we will control our energy, become sensitive to touch and integrate the body with thought and feeling. Let us express our emotions in motion. We will focus on communication through dance, sight, touch, and presence. We will build an intuitive movement dialogue, learning a way of communicating, close to the original. We will also use the body’s abilities to create our own music – the primary rhythms. We will have the opportunity to focus on our own body, its weight, tension, movement patterns, so we can get to know ourselves better. Everyone will be able to learn from everyone. The exercises will be based on various physical dance techniques, improvised contact, the basics of contemporary dance as well as rhythmics.
You learn in a most pleasant way through contact and fun.