WORKSHOPS CANCELLED! Workshops of creative fun: in space!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
We regret to inform you that the workshops have been cancelled. People who have purchased tickets on-line or for cash, please contact the reception: or by phone: 22 843 88 81 ext. 200, mobile phone: 787 086 396
Please follow our website, where will be further information about our educational and artistic activities.

instructor: Renata Kochan
room: Wolf from Wall Street, 201, 2nd floor
ticket: PLN 15, booking places online or at the reception

Is there life in space? If so, I wonder where? We will create the entire solar system with the milky way leading to it.
We invite all interesting boys and girls. All the work done during the workshops, the children will take home.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, we work in a sanitary regime in all areas of DK Kadr: we ask you to wear protective masks, disinfect your hands, and keep your distance. We also ask all visitors to complete their health statements online or at the reception.