Women’s Evenings

WOMEN’S EVENINGS with elements of dance animations, circle dance and line dance
You do not need to have a dance partner and dance experience. Just come with a smile and do some simple exercises with music. Feel yourself and share joy.

For whom?

  • for women regardless of age and skills
  • for the sociable and the shy people
  • for lonely people and friends
  • for dancing and not believing in their dancing skills

What does dance give us?

  • through body movements and music, dance improves physical, and spiritual condition of a person
  • strengthens immunity
  • makes breathing easier
  • improves circulation, condition, shapes the figure
  • improves concentration
  • strengthens bones and the muscular system
  • reduces stress, supports the work of the brain
  • gives us a feeling of lightness and joy

Elżbieta Dybińska conducts workshops – psychologist, dance animator, Choreotherapy and Circle Dance instructor. She loves Argentine tango and Nordic Walking.