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Wolandejski Theater

room: Broadway
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The cruelty of events of Saint Bartłomiej’s Night has become an interesting subject for Christopher Marlowe?a and Alexander Dumas. Their lexicon of hate has been broadened by authors of the Theatre of Wolandejski with new concepts, allowing the intrigues and sick ambitions to catch a picture of the prevailing behavior in the modern world. In “Parisian Massacre” the game is played at the highest level. The vision of assuming the power is annulling all twinges of conscience.

Cast of the spectacle:
Janek Marczewski – Henryk de Guise (Gwizjusz), prince Joinville
Maciej Sobstyl – Henry de Valois, prince of Anjou
Agata Jakoniuk – Katarzyna Medycejska, queen mother of France
Błażej Dawidson – Karol IX, King of France
Magdalena Dwarzyńska – Małgorzata de Valois, duchess, called Margot
Mateusz Latopolski – Henryk de Bourbon, King of Navarre
Bartek Burtea – Admiral Gaspard de Coligny
Agata Maczkowska – Marshal de Tavannes
Izabela Szymkuć – Joanna d’Albret, mother of Navarra’s queen
Cardinal of Lorraine – Maciej Kerner