Winter holidays

Holidays in “KADR Culture Center” is an opportunity to relax from everyday school routine: how to combine pleasant with pleasure!
Children will go on a journey around the world, learn new technologies and old customs..
We will awaken their curiosity by offering several thematic blocks.
The groups count 12 people, and classes will be adapted to the age of the participants.

ATTENTION! The care of qualified animators (day room) is offered only for children (7-9 years old)
For children (7 – 9 years) – cycles
Cycle 1 – Programming and robotics. There was a city
Cycle 2 – Acrobatics / artistic journeys around the world
Cycle 3 – Break dance / Comic book workshops
Cycle 4 – Capoeira / Street Art

For children aged 10 – 13 years – classes
At 10.00 ? 12.00
Classes 1 – There was a city
Classes 2 – Street Art
At 12.30-14.00
Classes 3 – Break Dance
Classes 4 – Robotics / programming

For young people over (13 years old) and adults – classes

Café offers the possibility of buying vouchers for dinners. Information about the menu is available at the following telephone number: 886 325 669 or by email
People who register children for winter in “KADR Culture Center” automatically accept the following regulations. Please fill out the documents (regulations and attachment No. 1 – declaration of participation with a statement) and bring it to the reception until 14.01.2019.

File to download:
1. regulamin i deklaracja ferie 2019