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Wild Workshop

12.00-12.50 – children 5-7 years old
13.00-13.50 – children 8-12 years old
instructor: Roma Roman
ticket: PLN 10, buy a ticket online or at the reception
room: Mister Blot’s Academy, 208, 2nd floor

A workshop on fauna, flora and geology.
During the workshops, we will crush, rub, scrape, stick and paint. We will create spontaneously and freely, developing manually and connecting our natural world with the world of art.

In program:
– art action (creating an artwork in the shape of a fossil in the technique of plaster and sand casting)
– games:
a) physical activity (a game during which children learn what balance is in nature)
b) sensory play (a sensory box that hides the hidden treasures of the earth)