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Wife for adoption

room: Broadway
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In Adam’s life everything had its place – home work, home work. From time to time, some controlled entertainment. But there is a moment in everyone’s life that even a well-oiled machine ceases to function and the sky begins to pound.
Adam’s wife is leaving. Unexpectedly, Filip, a friend from primary school, also appears. A representative of the Adoption Center knocks at the door. The peaceful life is filled with a lot of understatement and slander.

Text: Marek Pituch
Directed by: Jakub Ehrlich
Set design: Adam Grządziel
Music: Szymon Suchoń
Costumes: Ewa Kowalewska

Olga Borys or Patrycja Szczepanowska
Marek Pituch
Jakub Wons