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Why don’t zebras get ulcers?

How to turn off the mode of action, break the rush of thoughts and go from mobilization to relaxation? What to do to prevent stress from taking over you? Why is mental health as important as physical health?
Everyone on Earth should have the privilege of accessing psychological knowledge!

King Rajchel

A psychologist specializing in psychological diagnosis in clinical practice and a psychotherapist during the School of Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy under the supervision of Dr. Agnieszka Popiel and Dr Ewa Pragłowska at the SWPS University in Warsaw. Member of the Polish Society for Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy.

Martyna Trzepizur

A graduate of psychology (clinical specialization) at the SWPS University in Wrocław. Currently, during training at the 4-year School of Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy at the SWPS University in Katowice.