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Who is afraid of Sybille Thompson?

3rd floor
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The show ?Who?s afraid of Sybille Thompson?? is based on Maria Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska?s ?Sybille Thompson Lover?. The author constructs in it futuristic narratives argue with the condition of modern man. She is playing with an imaginary world beyond her existence, creating her vision of the future that becomes our reality. Teraz Poliż combines the well-known theatrical forms with the museum convention and uses these two ways of interacting with the viewer, thinking about the future of the world.

Cast: Dorota Glaca, Marta Jalowska, Emanuela Osowska, of Kamil Worobiej
Direction: of Kijak Hive
Directorial cooperation at the Warsaw premiere: Julia Szmyt
Theatre design: Dominika Skaza
Adaptation of the theatre design to the Warsaw premiere: Diana Marszałek
The music and the training of the voice: Maria Rumińska
Draft of the poster: Dorota Glaca
Illustration for the poster: Ilona Błaut

The performance was created in 2015 as part of the ?Residents in the Residence? program of the ZAMEK Cultural Center.