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instructor: Sebastian Słomiński
fee: PLN 150/ month, trial class: PLN 50
room: Zoom, 301, 3rd floor

It is a group created especially for secondary school students. The only condition to participate in the classes is being a secondary school student. You’ve always been in the theatre circle and you want to take the theatre “seriously”? During these classes you will receive a decent dose of knowledge, supported by a huge number of practical tasks. The first semester is about working on an acting workshop, getting to know yourself and your voice, discovering new possibilities, and the potential that lies within each of you. This is a time for intensive development. In the second semester we will deal with poems, prose, monologue and acting études. This will be also the time when you will be able to confront new skills with a real audience. At the end of the year a show of participants’ skills is planned. If you’re serious about theatre and acting, you know where to find us!