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“Warsaw … – Joanna Bejm sings poems of forgotten insurgent poets”

room: Broadway
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As part of the celebration of the anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising, we organize a special concert: “Warsaw … – Joanna Bejm sings poems of forgotten insurgent poets”
The event is a tribute to the forgotten poets who fought in the Warsaw Uprising.
In cooperation with the Museum of Literature, Joanna selected a unique poem by Juliusz Krzyżewski, Zdzisław Stroiński, Wojciech Mencel, Teresa Bogusławska, Zbigniew Chałko and Krystyna Krahelska. They tell about everyday life in the face of war and the feelings that accompanied the insurgents at that time: about their loves, longings, sadness and patriotic raptures, but also about the joy and hope they had in themselves.
Joanna Bejm is the author of the music to the poems, singer, this year’s scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.
Dominik Rosłon is the author of the arrangement, jazz pianist, arranger and composer.

Joanna Bejm – singing
Dominik Rosłon – piano, vibraphone
Konrad Kubicki – double bass
Robert Murakowski – trumpet, flugelhorn
Anna Szczygieł – cello
Patryk Dobosz – drums

The concert is organized as part of the creative scholarship of the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sports.
Małgorzata Wichowska from Museum of Literature gave her support.

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