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Warsaw Short Framing – off Valentine’s Day

Free entrance, booking places online or by phone
hall: Broadway

The latest achievements of the Polish and world off cinema. The program includes movies about love from Poland, Germany and Spain.

F 63.9, dir. Jaroslaw Sztandera (Poland) 30′
F63.9 is on the WHO list the number of mental illness, commonly known as falling in love. Can you manipulate in love? The young director decides to check it out.

Tenderness, dir. Emilia Zielonka (Poland) 25′
Irka and MiƂosz are a couple of teenagers who stay in a hotel room for one night. The plan of the two seems to be perfectly developed, and their action is accompanied by one thought – our love is unique and indestructible. This night spent at the hotel will change everything between them.

Harmony Bunny, dir. Tobias Fitting (Germany) 20′
The story of three roommates who combine complicated relationships.

Lithuania, dir. Iker Arce (Spain) 20′
Elena blames herself for her son’s death in a car accident. David wants to help his wife to regain the will to live, even if it involves going to Lithuania.

Duration: approx. 95 min