Warsaw Short Framing: NOT ONLY STAR WARS

room: Broadway
free entrance

In October, we’re celebrating the 40th anniversary of the opening of the Culture Centre Kadr! One of the first movies that was screened in the iconic Mokotow cinema was “Star Wars.” Inspired by the anniversary, we have prepared a special Warsaw Short Framing show, where we will present off science fiction movies from France, Spain, Germany, Russia and the Czech Republic.

Mona, dir. Alexis Barbosa (France) 13′
Gary builds a home android named Mona. He decides to test his operation in his own apartment.

Decapoda shock, dir. Javier Chillon (Spain) 9′
The astronaut returns to earth after a fatal accident on a distant planet.

Kryo, dir. Christoph Heimer (Germany) 33′
David decides to freeze with his terminally ill wife Evelyn and wait until medicine is able to help her. After years, they wake up in a mysterious center.

The Second Wind, dir. Sergey Tsyss (Russia) 6′
The last man on earth travels the wasteland in search of something that once had no value for him.

Home, dir. Carlos Alonso Ojea (Spain) 17?
The young couple live in an underground bunker, protecting themselves against the threats lurking in the post-apocalyptic world. One day they have to look for food?

Numbers, dir. Robert Hloz (Czech Republic / South Korea) 10′
Nick sees more than other people, though he doesn’t want to. One day he notices a girl and he recognizes a person with similar skills as he has.

Total duration: approx. 90 min