Warsaw Short Framing

room: Broadway
free entrance

Our Best Days, dir. Nicolás Torres Payán (Mexico) 19’
Alvaro and Valeria are travelling to their countryside. During the journey, a woman discovers a secret that drives her relationship into crisis.

I want to believe, dir. Matúš Ryšan (Slovakia) 16’
A team of documentalists follows a conspiracy hunter who wants to save humanity from the chemical corporation.

They say that, dir. Alaunda Ruiz de Azua (Spain) 20’
Not everything that happens on the school playground is fun?

Maszka, dir. Igor Kagramanov (Russia) 26’
Three children live in a small house in the woods. They must grow up quickly to survive.

Time: approx. 80 min.

Zdjęcie przedstawia rodzinę siedzącą przy stole zapełnionym lokalnymi specjałami z Syberii.