Warsaw Short Framing

room: Broadway
free entrance

Desolation, dir. Latifa Said (France) 14′
A man from Maghreb has a problem with local women. One day he meets a special person ?

All seeing, dir. Nuri Cihan Ozdogan (Turkey) 17?
Loot from the Iraq war “Saddam’s gold” is smuggled to Turkey in cotton. Blind employees are used to sort them. Sadik’s task is to prevent any theft.

The Color of Desire, dir. Gala Gracia (Spain) 22′
Medardo breeds sheep in a remote region of Spain. Dry weather decimates his flock of sheep. Soon the man will make up one’s mind.

Cubes, dir. Xue En Ge (Singapore) 4?
Communicating with others is not easy, especially if you have a Rubik’s cube instead of your head. However, it is worth trying.

Home, dir. Itai Kirshner (Israel) 23′
Ben is a young soldier who learns that he will soon become a father. After a stormy quarrel, his girlfriend throws him out of the car. The boy lands in the wasteland and tries to return home.

Time: approx. 80 min

Rysunek przedstawiający dwie postacie męskie, trzymające w prawej ręce kubek (kawy). Postaci nie mają głów. Każda z postaci ma kostkę rubika zamiast głowy.