Warsaw Short Framing

room: Broadway
free entrance

Al Imam, dir. Omar Al Dakheel (USA) 19′
Ani Zonneveld believes that a woman can be a Muslim spiritual leader and that the Koran is a progressive text. Is that really true?

The Age of Aquarius, dir. Fanni Szilágyi (Hungary) 20′
Four women begins a trip to Transylvania so that one of them can give birth to a child in a particular place. But destiny cannot be deceived ?

Our Bad Winter, dir. Grzegorz Zariczny (Poland) 24′
20-year-old Radka has been trying to regain the right to care for her son for a long time. Marzena, although she is already 40 years old, still can?t arrange her life. Both are nurses. One day Marzena asks Radka for a replacement. The young girl doesn?t know what is behind it.

I’m so happy, dir. Juan Gautier (Spain) 20?
Fran completes his internship at the hospital. She meets a handsome doctor who is very interested in her. The girl, however, has to look after her sick mother. What is she going to do?

Time: approx. 85 min

Zdjęcie prezentuje młodą kobietę (w krótkich blond włosach), rozmawiająca przez telefon komórkowy.