Warsaw Short Framing

room: Broadway
free entrance

Juba, dir. Severino Neto, Rafael de Carvalho (Brazil) 19′
Juba earns her living by juggling. One day she receives a proposal that can change her life.

Sort Sol, dir. Rico Mahel (Germany) 30′
It’s 2083. Nate leads an efficient but dreary life. Until the wolf appears ?

Memories of Alba, dir. Andrea Martignoni, Maria Steinmetz (Germany) 6′
Alba’s memories take us to Italy in the 1950s and the world of her intimate feelings.

Stories of wolves, dir. Agnes Meng (Portugal) 22′
The village of Pit?es das Junias is located in the Portuguese mountains. In the old days shepherds gathered there after dark and told various stories. Some people still remember them.

TOTAL DURATION: approx. 80 min

Curator of the cycle: Maciej Misztal.