Warsaw Short Framing

room: Broadway
free entrance

In program:
Beetle at the end of the street, dir. Joan Vives Lozano (Spain) 19′
Amadeo lives in a small town with his father-in-law. One day Lolín, a fishmonger, has a vision: Amadeo will die in seven days.

Death of a sound engineer, dir. Sorayos Prapapan (Thailand) 16′
Two sound engineers are preparing a movie. They realize that just like the Thai government, which never listens to a citizen, the audience doesn’t care about the sound they’ve worked very hard.

Love, dir. Mykyta Lyskov (Ukraine) 14′
The title is an ironic summary of the author’s critical view of the absurd reality of Ukraine.

Earthly Beings, dir. Ádám Freund (Hungary) 27’
Ábel, 12, faces the fact that his parents live in two completely different galaxies in the universe. The boy must decide where he wants to belong to?

Total duration: approx. 80 min

Curator of the cycle: Maciej Misztal