Warsaw Short Framing

room: Broadway
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Elina, dir. Evelin Kachulin (Israel) 13′
Elina is the daughter of a Russian immigrant. She would like to live like peers, but her mother does not find herself in a new country.

Kampung Tapir, dir. Aw See Wee (Malaysia) 17′
Two young Malaysians are suspended between their home and family in Malaysia and work in Singapore.

Mermaids and rhinos, dir. Viktoria Traub (Hungary) 16′
8-year-old Tilda remembers his family: grandmother – an ex-mermaid appearing in the circus, a mother and father who disappeared when a broken heart made him a rhinoceros.

Shanghai, Baku, dir. Teymur Hajiyev (Azerbaijan) 20′
Amateur filmmaker Samir accidentally registers a situation that can complicate not only his life.

Bond, dir. Bernadette Mayer (Hungary) 19′
Anna is an average 16-year-old girl who doesn’t get along with her mother. She is impatient, distant and in love. But one day something changes.