Warsaw Short Framing

room: Broadway
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Review of the most interesting short films from Poland and the world.

1977, dir. Raphael Pamplona (Brazil) 14′
In 1977, in a room in an Argentinian tenement, a Brazilian exile tormented by the past tries to avoid paranoia. But then a mosquito appears?

Nada, dir. Adel Ahmed Yehia (Egypt) 25′
She is a dancer, he is a pianist. They are both disabled. One day they meet and their lives will change. A film based on a true story.

Emily must wait, dir. Christian Wittmoser (Germany) 12′
While Europe is falling into chaos, Emily doesn’t leave the house in the hope she connects to her beloved.

Salix Caprea, dir. Valeriu Andriuta (Moldova) 30′
The mayor of a small town receives information that a delegation from USA will visit him. Two years earlier, the Americans planted two thousand trees in a meadow on the edge of the village. The mayor decides to check the state of the seedlings?