Warsaw Short Framing

room: Broadway
free entrance

Dog meat, dir. Kseniya Tischenko (Russia) 31′
Three young men embark on a crazy journey. They reach the abandoned house and prepare dinner. When one of them announces that they will eat dog meat, the youngest will initiate a rebellion.

The smell of gasoline, dir. Branko Tomovic (Great Britain) 12′
A single mother earns money as a smuggler of illegal immigrants. When an unexpected person appears in her car, she must make an important decision.

Goździk, Lilia, Róża, dir. Maju de Paiva (Brazil) 20′
Ce, 8-year-old girl, finds the body of a woman. This event will drastically change the lives of her and her sister Sarah.

#will, dir. Per Sundstrom (Sweden) 22″

The young video blogger records a series of unusual films. Does he have fan at school?

Total duration: approx. 85 min