Warsaw Short Framing

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My brother is a superhero, dir. Tatiana Rakhmanov (Russia), 23?
7-year-old Serjo┼╝a cannot become reconciled with the death of their parents. He lives in the world of comic books and superheroes. His brother decides to dress up as Batman.

From the village of Grunwald, dir. Artur Wierzbicki (Poland), 20?
A portrait of the residents of Grunwald that is marked by the great history. How does a real life in one of the most famous Polish village look like?

Similo, dir. Bruno Zacarias & MacGregor (Spain), 22?
Year 2065! Ciro arrives to a private city in Antarctica, where a humanity moved. Does he remember Hebe? She is still in love with him.

Gorbatov, dir. Nikita Ordynskiy (Russia), 25?
The tragicomic story of a former mayor, who is struggling with a young officer in order to keep the last symbol of a former glory – an old billboard.

TOTAL DURATION: approx. 90 min