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Warsaw Short Framing

room: Broadway
free entrance, booking places online or by phone

Heimlich, dir. Kostas Bakouris (Greece) 19′
Paris lives alone in a neglected home. Serena is looking for a home. Is this the beginning of a beautiful relationship or maybe something completely different?

Four days in October, dir. Álvar Andrés Elías (Spain) 15′
Hugo is an experienced therapist. During one of the sessions, his patient suddenly goes out without explanation. Hugo wants to know what was the reason for this behavior.

I’m free, dir. Edvard Karijord, Bendik Mondal (Norway) 20′
Geir Karijord was lost in the Romsdal Valley in Norway. Should his family mourn him or hope to return?

They were, dir. Irina Bas (Russia) 15′
He had a heart attack, she woke up from a coma. They’re in one room in the hospital. They have not seen each other for 30 years. Can this meeting change anything in their lives?

Timballo, dir. Maurizio Forcella (Italy) 17′
Cooking the best food in the world requires the use of special ingredients.

Total duration: approx. 85 minutes

Fotografia przedstawia paradę w której biorą udział młode dziewczynki ubrane piękne kolorowe suknie. Dziewczynki trzymają w jednej ręce kawałek sukni, która się układa jak wachlarz. Jest piękna słoneczna pogoda, w tle widać błękitne niebo.