Warsaw Short Framing

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Warsaw Short Framing – a series of short movies, presents the latest achievements of Polish and worlds? an off cinema.

Moloch, dir. Simon Kapeniak (Poland), 32 ‘
Roma, Stach and Woody work illegally in the ailing steel mills. Roma is experiencing passionate affair and decides to leave work and change her life. Her colleagues want to convince her from doing so.

Ruben goes, dir. Frederic Siegel (Switzerland), 5 ‘
Ruben leaves the house, but he still seems to have forgotten something.
Does he shut the door? Does he turn off the gas? What if not?

Sensitivity, dir. Anastasiya Maksymczuk (Ukraine), 19 ‘
A young couple like every morning comes out to work. They don?t know that today is a tragic day.

Snow in Rio, dir. Manuel Vogel (Germany) 25 ‘
Sebastian, who has supervised the transport of valuable image by train to the Communist Prague, finds himself in the center of the great spy scandals.