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Warsaw Short Framing

room: Broadway
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Three steps, dir. Ioseb “Soso” Bliadze (Georgia) 19′
13-year-old Mariam lives with her father Rezo in the slums of Tbilisi. Poverty forces them to steal. But this is not the only problem of Mariam …

Routine, dir. Fokke Mars (Netherlands) 5′
The hero breaks out of the world of routine into the world of dreams, where giants bigger than skyscrapers live, trees grow upside down.

The sunken plum, dir. Xu Xiaoxi, Roberto F. Canuto (China) 20′
A transgender woman arriving at her mother’s funeral. In her hometown she will have to confront her family and friends, whom she never told the truth.

Liaras, dir. Robert Hloz (Czech Republic) 27′
Fearing punishment, a group of kids hides a macabre secret instead of reporting to the police. But no plan is perfect. Or is it?

Emergency call, dir. Raphael Biss (France) 15′
Can a car accident lead to great love?

Zdjęcie animowane przedstawia mężczyznę stojącego przy kolorowych torach. W tle widać kolorowe ptaki.