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Warsaw Short Framing

room: Broadway
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Bonobo, dir. Zoel Aeschbacher (Switzerland) 18′
When the fate of several residents of the block combines the problem of a broken elevator, there will happen surprising events.

Like a good child, dir. Arian Vazirdaftari (Iran) 20′
Sara looks after Matin when his mother is at work. The boy’s morning story of an argument with his mother will become the beginning of events that will irreversibly change their lives.

Fishy Story, dir. Aleksandra Szymanska (Germany) 18′
Bubu and Lulu were a happy couple working in a fish factory. Until “the third” appeared …

Pneumothorax, dir. Ambrus Fatér (Hungary) 27′
András is an experienced doctor. His peaceful life turns upside down when he meets a Syrian refugee. Although they speak different languages, a friendship is born between them.

Fotografia przedstawia siedzącą na kanapie mamę oraz jej kilkuletniego syna. Oboje siedzą obok siebie i patrzą się przed siebie.