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Warsaw Short Framing

room: Broadway
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Bismillah, dir. Alessandro Grande (Italy) 14′
10-year-old Samira with her father and brother are illegal immigrants from Tunisia. One night, the girl faces a problem that seems impossible to solve.

Farewell, Baltazar, dir. Rafael Sommerhalder (Switzerland) 10′
Scarecrow dreams about the sea. Will he be able to reach him on one leg?

A heritage, dir. Amikam Kovner (Israel) 28′
Yiftah returns to his father’s farm. Despite the cold welcome, he wants to prove that he changed for better.

Heroin, dir. Alexandre Bré (Spain) 13′
Patricia has an unusual goal to achieve – she wants to collect money for a bouquet of flowers for a former boy.

Good day, dir. Dasha Charusha (Russia) 18′
Abdul is a taxi driver in Moscow. One day, pregnant Lena gets in his car. When they are stuck in a traffic jam, a woman starts to give birth. This situation requires unusual actions.

Total duration: approx. 85 min