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Warsaw Short Framing

room: Broadway
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The world on the edge, dir. Thiago B. Mendonça, Renata Jardim (Brazil) 25′
A day of the most diverse district of S?o Paulo.

Jan’s husband with family, dir. Pavol Cizmar (Slovakia) 20′
Jan lives with his ill wife Maria in a small town in Slovakia. Both of them are old and tired of life. One day Maria disappears …

You deserve everything, dir. Goran Stolevski (Australia) 19′
Inconspicuous romance of the doctor and the Arabic translator turns into something more serious. But nothing is as it seems.

Jars, dir. Bogna Okupska (Poland) 17′
In the modern world everything is under control, feelings too. A special department is going to connect people for couples. Is love possible in this reality?