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Warsaw Short Framing

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In program:

Guy, dir. Piehl Lorenz (Germany), 22 ‘
Guy is a talented musician who dreams of becoming a rock star. One day he meets someone who makes him an exciting offer …

Aphonia, dir. David Uloth (Canada) 22 ‘
Edgar works in a slaughterhouse. He loves opera and stripper Ginette. When he is a witness of her betrayal, he loses his own voice and starts ? squeal like a pig.

Antek, dir. Sylwia Galon (Poland), 20 ‘
Antek?s life appears to be similar to the life of the rest of the pupils of emergency child care. Everything changes when a girl ? Anka appears in his life.

I’m so happy, dir. Juan Gautier (Spain) 20 ‘
Fran finishes her practice in the hospital. She meets a handsome doctor who is very interested in her. The girl, however, must take care of a sick mother. What does she decide to do?

Time: approx. 85 min

Maciej Misztal – producer and manager of many television programs broadcast in Poland and abroad. His documentaries, feature films and promotional spots were widely awarded. The founding father and director of Lublin Film Festival. Creator and animator of an off-cinema. Instructor of film workshops for young people. The originator of the cycle of shows Warsaw Short Framing in Culture Centre ?Kadr? in Warsaw.