Warsaw Short Framing

room: Broadway
free entrance

In program:
“MegaZoe”, dir. Marc Oller (Spain) 13′
Teo’s world changes when he meets the mysterious MegaZoe.

“Mama – Saint Sebastian”, dir. Alexander Mercury (Russia) 27′
Seva, 60, lives with her mother. She has headaches. When she learns what causes them, her perception of the world will change dramatically.

“You have spears”, dir. Bárbara Wagner, Benjamin de Búrca (Brazil) 18′
Porck – hairdresser and Dayana – fireman are trying to become Brazilian pop stars.

“Veil of silence”, dir. Julie Gourdain (France) 29′
Marianne is placed in the property away from her family and friends. She meets other girls who share a common secret.