Warsaw Short Framing

room: Broadway
Free entrance

OverLove, dir. Lucas Helth (Denmark) 22′
17-year-old Olivia is struggling with the obsessive-compulsive disorder. She lives in constant fear that she may hurt her 9-year-old brother – Noa. One morning, mother asks Olivia to take her brother from school.

Choban, dir. Matija Pisačić (Croatia) 18′
Choban leads the peaceful life of the shepherd, until someone kidnaps his dog – Łajka. The search will change the man.

Aleksytymia, dir. Alena Alenkina (Russia) 22′
After another detox, I’m trying to get my daughter back.

Birta, dir. Sturla Óskarsson (Iceland) 18′
Birta is looking for adventure in the suburbs of Reykjavik and tries to find meaning in life.

Last Call Lenny, dir. Julien Lasseur (USA) 12′
Lenny combines euthanasia with his furniture business. This time he is coming the exceptionally requiring customer across.