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Warsaw Short Framing

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hall: Broadway

We are presenting movies from ten countries, we juxtapose crazy stories with moving dramas and we constantly try to surprise our viewers.

Folklore, dir. Joao Segall (Brazil) 20?
Two men are talking in a bar about a club whose members are betting on the results in … Russian roulette.

Euroman, dir. Gabriel Tzafka (Denmark) 22?
Euroman is a man of success who can afford all luxuries. But there are things that destroy his ordered life …

Inflated head, dir. Pooya Afzali, Rouhollah Saadatmand (Iran) 6?
Imagine that the sounds that surround us fall through your ears and stay in head. In the evening the head is heavy and you have to find a way to empty it.

Maltese warrior, dir. Arev Manoukian (Malta) 19?
Carmelo, a boxer from Valletta and a lonely father, enters the local underworld, to ensure the future of your only son.

Balcony, dir. Toby Fell-Holden (Great Britain) 17?
In a housing estate full of racial tension, a local girl falls in love with someone new.

TOTAL DURATION: approx. 85 min