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Warsaw Short Framing

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hall Broadway

The latest achievements of the Polish and world off cinema. The program includes films from France, Greece, Germany and Poland.

Transfer, dir. Michael Grudsky (Germany) 22′
Erez with two other soldiers receive the order to transfer the prisoner to the Megiddo Prison. On the way there is a situation that forces the young officer to change his habits.

Harbor, dir. Tomasz Pawlik (Poland) 14′
A young boy lives in a hut, in which he develops his musical passion and builds his own recording studio. He’s making big plans, but fate is preparing something different for him.

Refrigeration, dir. Emmanuel Dubois (France) 20′
Replacing the refrigerator seems to be a simple operation. But this is only a semblance…

Lis, dir. Jacqueline Lentzou (Greece) 28′
Stephanos must take care of his younger siblings. A carefree day seems to have no end and the phone still rings…

Total duration: approx. 85 min