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Warsaw Short Framing

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February is already associated with Valentine’s Day, so traditionally we invite you to the show of off movies about love.

Portrait of a good old man, dir. Anna Janowskaja (Russia) 16′
The major of the Russian police is undertaking a difficult fight with a young activist who manifests the joy of life.

Paparazzi, dir. Piotr Bernaś (Poland) 33′
The story of a man who makes controversial choices every day and must bear their consequences.

A walk of a drinker, dir. Pol Armengol (Spain) 15′
The action of one man can affect the lives of many others in a completely unpredictable way.

Raju, dir. Max Zähle (Germany) 24′
Jan and Sarah Fischer adopt a child from an orphanage in Calcutta. Soon, the boy disappears without a trace. The Indian police seem helpless, so Jan begins the search him on his own. He soon discovers that they are not the only people who are looking for Raju.