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Warsaw Short Framing

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eNDuRance, dir. Grzegorz DÄ™bowski (Poland) 27′
In order to swindle money from insurance, one has to look for a deer, use its error and collide. Kamil is the champion, but the problem starts when the accident needs to be staged, because the indebted brother asks for it.

Lima, dir. Afshin Roshanbakht, Vahid Jafari (Iran) 14?
Lima remembers her father and revives the memories associated with him until he grows old.

Sit and Go, dir. Moon Jeong-yun (South Korea) 30?
A young Korean is a gambler. The brother decides to pay off his debt. But to do this, he must play poker in an illegal game house.

In hiding, dir. Farzad Ostovarzadeh (USA) 20?
Jealousy for younger siblings can lead to tragic consequences…

Total duration: approx. 90 min.