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Warsaw Short Framing

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Neverland now, dir. Georg Pelzer (Germany) 19?
Kalina and Ruth go to Portugal. They take part in a big student party, during which their friendship will be tested.

Travel with a hand luggage, dir. Arek Biedrzycki (Poland) 30?
Author’s adaptation of Franz Kafka’s texts. Quazi-detective journey in the footsteps of a detective.

Fongopolis, dir. Joanna Ko┼╝uch (Slovakia) 13?
The young violinist gets a life chance: he is going to play a solo with the prestigious Philharmonic Orchestra of the city of Fongopolis. There is little time left for the performance, and he wanders around the labyrinth of the train station.

And we will still go, dir. Jonathan Millet (France) 25?
Simon comes to Paris to find his brother. What he finds will change his life.

TOTAL DURATION: approx. 90 minutes

Underground parking available during the opening hours of the Culture Centre Kadr