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Warsaw Short Framing

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A moment, dir. Piotr Domalewski (Poland) 15′
An exclusive housing estate of the same houses is dark. Marcin decides to invite a neighbor to his family dinner. However, when he gets under her door, he notices something that will not calm him for the rest of the evening.

One Direction, dir. Güclü Yaman (Germany) 24′
History based on fact of the Sudanese which reported the theft of the jacket on the German police station. He has been arrested and stayed in the arrest.

Tales about the inhabitants of the wall, dir. Andrej Boka (Serbia) 16′
The story of fighting for life and death. The sides of the war are … windows and doors.

When they get up early, dir. Mateusz Głowacki (Poland) 30?
Poland, the 60s. During the company trip the director announces the competition: who during mushroom picking will find the largest mushroom, will receive a bonus. Meanwhile, employees focus mainly on licking the head.