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Warsaw Short Framing

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The newest achievements of off-screen cinema from Poland, Israel, Iraq, Thailand.

Lost in the dust, dir. Soran Ebrahim (Iraq) 14′
Young Jaipur falls in love with a Kurdish Muslim. They are looking for a priest who will give them a wedding. But there are people who will do everything to stand on their way.

Wild Horses, dir. Amit Carp (Israel) 28′
Father and son live together on a farm in Israel. They are breeding horses. One day a woman comes to the farm with her daughter. Their presence will make the conflict between males and will contribute to a dramatic final.

Fat Boy Never Slim, dir. Sorayos Prapapan (Thailand) 14′
Two obese boys from Thailand are looking for ways to avoid compulsory military service. Film presented at the Rotterdam Festival.

How deep is the ocean ?, dir. Filip SyczyƄski (Poland) 29′
Marcus wakes up in the belly of a powerful whale. It is not very authoritative, but it does not matter when the hero comes across with all the masculinity of the personality, including those he loved. Only the son whom he has lost contact is missing, but soon he will appear.

Total time: approx. 85 min