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Warsaw Short Framing

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The newest achievements of off-screen cinema from Poland, Israel, Germany, Argentina.

A grass widow, dir. Nadav Porat-Chomsky (Israel) 14?
A group of Israeli soldiers are set to take action to capture an Arab activist.

Disconnection, dir. Martin Emiliano Diaz (Argentina) 18?
The story of a man who prepares to make the hardest decision in his life.

Neongrau, dir. Jeanette Karstaedt (Germany) 24?
Kalle accidentally saves the dog belonging to Kaia. Between men is established a relationship, which every day becomes stranger.

Rap Braders, dir. Adrian Apanel (Poland) 24?
Charles and Robert are brothers. Robert is a bodyguard, and Karol is hip hop. When Robert loses his job and the apartment owner is threatened with eviction, the boys ask for help from a gangster friend. It quickly turns out that this was not the best idea.

Total duration: approx. 82 min