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Warsaw Short Framing

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The newest achievements of off-screen cinema from France, Canada, Russia, Germany and Poland.

Gray cell, dir. ClĂ©mentine Isaac, Marie Le Coq (France), 12′
Victor wakes up in an unknown room. Looking around for tips from the past, trying to distinguish reality from memories.

Blue-eyed blonde, dir. Pascal Plante (Canada), 17′
The Canadian mother and her 4-year-old daughter go to Florida to take part in the Miss Contest.

Life without love, is nothing, dir. Swetz Samosin (Russia) 21′
The young actress tries to convince the bitter director that there is still place for real love in the modern world.

Dawit, dir. David Jansen (Germany) 15′
An animation about the son of an alcoholic brought up by wolves.

MC. Vinyl man, dir. Bartosz Warwas (Poland) 20′
Almost a true story of human life, without which there would be nothing: neither the fall of the Berlin Wall, nor the breaking of the Iron Curtain, nor even the removal of trousers in the step …

Total duration: approx 85′