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Warsaw Short Framing

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The newest achievements of off-screen cinema from Colombia, Poland, Armenia and Austria.

Caribbean Oil Sp. z o.o., dir. David Alonso (Colombia), 18′
The unexpected visit of the old friend is bringing back memories about times, when together extracted oil. Quickly the nostalgic conversation is changing one’s ? mood

Last train, dir. Weronika Tofilska (Poland), 14′
Antoni has an obese wife, a depressing job and a deep sense of discomfort. The only consolation is the memory of the first love of the past …

Bear Mountain, dir. Vagenak Balayan (Armenia), 22′
The last wish of Anush, who lived in the small Armenian village, was to burn her corpse on top of the mountain. Her husband Ernest is trying to fulfill his wish.

Pipette, dir. R. Sankiewicz, W. Sankiewicz (Poland), 9′
The only episode of the academic program for the general public “Pipette”, which the lecturer will try to shed new light on the issue of the end of fates of the human civilization.

Nelly, dir. Chris Raiber (Austria), 17′
A mysterious car pierces the snowy road. The driver is 13-year-old Nelly, who wants to go home. Will she succeed?