Warsaw Short Framing

For the latest shows before the holiday break we offer unusual movies that will allow us to look at our reality from a slightly different perspective. Please come and visit us!

Free entrance, booking places online or by phone.

In program:

Man-butterfly, dir. Edina Csüllög (Estonia) 16′
Magician Ernesto, the biggest circus star, suddenly disappears. The manager is down and starts firing his staff. Until, when Ernest?s junior assistant ? Anselm is showing the unusual ability.

Serious comedy, dir. Lander Camarero (Spain / Iraq) 30?
The Director of the Film Festival in Iraq is attempting to produce the country’s first comedy film.

Paper key, dir. Jenaro González (Colombia) 23?
Hektor is working in a giant corporation. One day he discovers that the exit from the building is very difficult.

Nic S.A, dir. Caye Casas, Albert Pintó (Spain) 15?
The work of absolute harmony is the dream of every human being. Are you sure?

TOTAL DURATION: approx. 85 min

Maciej Misztal – producer and manager of many television programs broadcast in Poland and abroad. His documentaries, feature films and promotional spots were widely awarded. The founding father and director of Lublin Film Festival. Creator and animator of an off-cinema. Instructor of film workshops for young people. The originator of the cycle of shows Warsaw Short Framing in Culture Centre ?Kadr? in Warsaw.