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Warsaw Short Framing

room: Broadway
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In program:
Do you like poetry? dir. Eduardo Mattos (Brazil) 15′

Roberto is one of the many inhabitants of the largest city in South America. He begins therapy to ease his anxiety disorder. However, the results are surprising…

Departure, dir. Christian Wittmoser (Germany) 30′
Niklas goes on a lonely holiday to Mallorca. On the beach, he meets the beautiful Lilly and her boyfriend Denis. An unusual relationship develops between the three young people.

A Year in Exile, dir. Malaz Mouth (Turkey) 19′
A year in the life of a Syrian immigrant trying to make a life for himself in a Turkish metropolis.

Mother Nature, dir. Natalia Shaufert (Moldova) 23′
Olga and Ivan return to Moldova after four years in the USA. They visit the woman’s aunt and uncle, who have prepared a feast for the occasion. The longer they talk, the more the atmosphere thickens. Will they be able to communicate despite their worldview differences?

Total duration: approx. 90 minutes

Dwójka młodych mężczyzn i młoda kobieta stoją na wzgórzu, aby zrobić panoramiczne zdjęcie. Kobieta pozuje do zdjęcia.